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        My sea shells are important to me because it is a unique one of a kind it always reminds me of the ocean. My shells are important to me because they have an amazing story to them it first starts when my brother tried to get it for me while scuba diving then got stung by an urchin and then the boat driver free dived and got it for me. This story represents how my brother got stung to get me sea shell. I represent this every year by going swimming in Aqaba or scuba diving and when we go we always go to the bottom of the sea about a centimeter away from it and either see a porcupine fish , a urchin or a puffer fish we always first make sure that we have an instructor to make sure we are not too close to the animal so we don’t actually get stung but my brother always gets stung because he was the actual one who got stung and then every year to get the same driver because he got the shell for me. Sometimes he free dives while we scuba dive but sometimes he doesn’t want to, and we never force him. Most of the time he is just generous and goes down with us without anyone asking his name is jack he is one of the best swimmers I have ever seen and he respects everyone.  


Place(s): jordan
Year: 2014

– faisal

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant