Camp Pride Bracelet

In Attire

 My object is a camp pride bracelet. It's a rubber bracelet thats blue and green and everyone at my sleepaway camp has one, including all the counselors, directors,etc. My camp is in Hebron, New Hampshire and I spend one month there every summer. The bracelet shows camp pride, and wearing it is like always having camp with you all the time. We do so much in camp. From waterskiing to cooking to campfires and sing-alongs, we do everything .That's why the pride bracelet represents camp. It represents cheering for our friends in color war, all the late nights we spent just sitting and talking, all the days spent paddle boarding in the lake, and all of the fun times we’ve had. My camp will always be a part of my identity and its shaped who I am today. The bracelet represents that because the whole concept is based off something I hold very close to my heart.

Place(s): New Hampshire

– Jordan D.

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