Butterfly Jewelry Box

This item is a wooden butterfly jewelry box. It holds sentimental value to my best friend’s grandmother. Her grandmother immigrated from Honduras in 1952; she was about 9 years old. She was about 7 years old when her mother bought this for her at a flea market. When I had a conversation with her, she was telling me how that day was one of the most peaceful days she remembers. She and her mother and two younger brothers were migrating to the US because the country was under dictatorship and the living conditions were horrible. She doesn’t remember much about how long it took them to get to the US, but she remembers always being on the go and having to share any food they received with her brothers. She also told me how once they got to the US they settled in Southern California. From there everything started changing for the better when the mom married and they permanently settled and expanded their family. This item is important to her because it is one of the last things she owns from Honduras. She kept it all this time because it was one of the easiest things to carry with her. The grandmother gave it to her daughter which gave it to my best friend. I see how important it is to my best friend and I am glad they migrated here because then I wouldn’t have been able to meet my best friend.

Place(s): Honduras,California
Year: 1952

– Erica Ibarra

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant