Butter dishes

The better dishes.
The better dishes.

My object is a stack of butter dishes that are now melted together. They are small, and made of white china although the color has worn out and it has turned grey. 
This may not sound very interesting but the exciting part is the story. In 1906 my great grandma was about 5 years old traveling with her mom and dad because her dad worked on a traveling circus as the assistant to the magic act. They were in Mexico, but while they were gone a huge earthquake urured that destroyed a lot of the city of san francisco. This earthquake could be argued to be one of the biggest disasters of the last scenery. After the earthquake a fire started, which is why the plates are melted. They came home to find their house was not damaged too bad. My great great grandma kept the plates and we have had them ever since.
When they got home, I wonder what their reaction to the destruction was? Did they feel lucky that their house wasn’t destroyed too bad or unlucky because it was still damaged? 
I feel very connected with this object because it represents a big historical event and shows me just how lucky I am that my family was not in town at the time because if they were, I might not be here today. My grandma still keeps them on her mantle so she can see them everyday and they remind her of our family’s history.

Place(s): san francisco
Year: 2021

– CG

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more