In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant

Anyone who Knows my grandma knows she doesn’t like a lot of gifts but her mother, which is my great grandmother, was planning on doing something meaningful and memorable, just in case God called her. My grandmother wasn't the type to like flashy things or expensive gifts. Every Christmas morning my grandmother was always the one to wake up early and be ready to see me open my gifts but for some reason it seemed that on this specific morning, she was happier then I was. As I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth, my grandma yelled, “Dess Dess look I got a gift “. Of course, she was excited because you know adults don’t really expect much on this special day; it’s more about the kids. I waited for her to open her gift before me because seeing her so excited was more important than the many gifts I had under the tree. I asked her who was the gift from although I already knew her mother was doing something nice for her. So my grandma opened the gift and it was from my great great grandmother it was a bracelet that her mother had gave to her as a birthday gift so she wanted my grandma to have it as a memory. The whole concept of my grandma having the bracelet is so she knows no matter what happens her mother is always going to be with her whether she’s deceased or not, that bracelet means a lot to my grandma more than anything she’s ever gotten.

Year: 2013

– Destinee Foster White

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant