Boy Scout Antique Knife

The same knife in good condition
The same knife in good condition

When we think of knives, we probably think of kitchen utensils or weapons. Some knives, however, were designed to be tools! My item is an antique pocket knife given to boy scouts, and it has a wooden grip, with metal ends and various folding tools, similar to a swiss army knife. There is a thin layer of dark rust over the metal components, it was likely created and used throughout the 1900s. In fact, there is so much damage from use over time that the knife’s branding is almost impossible to read. Its blade is dull from years of use, this knife was clearly loved and used often as a tool throughout its life. This knife is important to me because it’s a family heirloom that has been gifted through multiple generations in my family. Most likely, it came into the family’s possession when my great uncle was a Boy Scout in the early-mid 1900s. The knife’s own history is just as compelling as the history of my family, as we are not completely sure this is where it came from. Growing up, I’ve heard stories about the knife and its journey in family memories. The knife to me represents the change in societal culture over time, as in the mid-1900s, the Boy Scouts was a widespread and prevalent group for young boys, and this knife is a “portal” into the time from whence it had come. Although the knife, is rusted, the impact it will have on future generations of my family will never corrode against the flow of time. 

Place(s): New York

– Trent Girsky

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