Music (piano)

3 generations of musicians
3 generations of musicians

A Tradition of Music by Attis LagosHave you ever had a natural talent? Do you have a memory of something you do now that you will never forget? I will tell you one thing, I do and that is music. I've had a love for music ever since the beginning and it is a tradition in my family. My Grandfather sang opera when he lived in Uruguay before he migrated to the United States in 1968. My dad was the first in the family born in the United States and was a vocalist too in a 90s band. This year my grandpa, who I call Dado, died. I want to keep the tradition of music alive in our family. Dado always told my dad to follow his passion for music so I know he would want me to do the same thing.Mostly my dad influenced my musical life but my mom got me interested too. My mom used to take me to sing-a-longs and I would move to the beat of the music when I was a little baby. She took me to music at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music when I was two and I learned how to play the xylophone. I play the piano now and I have been taking lessons with my teacher Jonathan for 7 years. The piano recitals I played in were very special occasions because I worked so hard to learn the songs Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky and Fur Elise by Beethoven. In 6th grade music with Mr Peter, I got into making digital music and I created a Youtube channel where I post. Music is something that is important to me because it is a family tradition that I am good at and it makes me happy. Music connects to my culture because we create and play music. Many people in my family are musicians and I am proud to be one too.

Place(s): Uruguay, New York
Year: 1968

– AL

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