In Fun

My artifact is a picture of (Cleto Reyes) boxing gloves and an everlast punching bag. In 2013, my father moved in a much bigger apartment. It was so big that we had a lot of empty space. Initially, we thought about putting a treadmill there, but decided on a punching bag instead. My family and I grew up watching boxing. Our friends would always question us and say “you’re Mexican! How do you not watch soccer?” My father would always go out of his way to spoil us, this meant a lot to me and my brother. I really don’t know where my father purchased this bag but I believe it was from a fitness store. It's significant to me because boxing is my favorite sport. My brother wants to become a professional boxer; I’ve always gone to the gym to support him.. The bag and gloves are the first thing I see when I walk into my apartment, guests always seem to be amazed that we have a punching bag in the living room when they come over. They all gather together and start playing with each other by punching each other and the bag with the gloves.

Year: 2014

– Mercy Porfirio

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