Softball Bat

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My softball bat.
My softball bat.

During one of my games on the 17th of June 2021, we were playing against Wauwatosa. In the game before this, I had slightly injured my wrist from my old, bat. The ball had only hit a few inches from my hand. It was a fast pitch, it made my wrist hurt a lot, it wasn’t well made, so it was just hallow, and shook when you hit the ball. I had to stop using that bat I had for a few years. A few days later, it was our next game. I had brought my old bat because I had no other one.  About halfway through the game, McKalya’s dad gave me the old bat that she didn’t need. She knew how my old one physically hurt me, so she gifted me her old one to keep. This bat was the same drop, but 2 inches longer, it was made from a different material and didn’t hurt as much if you hit the ball too close to the grip.
 I was practicing my swing as soon as she gave it to me and until it was my turn to bat. It was kind of unlucky that I was walked the first time I got into the batter’s box with the ‘new’ bat.
So, I’m very grateful she gave that to me, even though we don’t know each other that well. We won 20-5 during that. 

Place(s): Wauwatosa, Greendale WI
Year: 2021

– EM

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