Fuzzy Blanket
Fuzzy Blanket

 This blanket is grey with one side having fur and the other side having a very soft material. This blanket is very comforting to me because it is very soft and I am able to use it all of the time. This blanket has brought me comfort during the covid-19 pandemic because I am able to feel protected by it. I feel that through this time of staying at home more, I am using the blanket more.  Even through all that is going on with the covid-19 pandemic I am able to find comfort in the situation by knowing that I’m safe and that everything will be ok through relying on the blanket. This blanket has always been very comforting and one way that it does that is through its warmth. With all of the warmth in the blanket I'm able to know that things will return to normal and that we will get through the coronavirus pandemic. For me the grey blanket that is in my living room means protection and I know that I will always be able to use the blanket in difficult times. 

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