Black Rice

Relationship: Im/migrant

Black rice is very important to the Haitian people. We love to cook it, especially for parties. Black rice is important to me because it makes me remember Haitian culture.To make this dish, you need s special mushroom that grows in Haiti. It’s not easy to find this special mushroom here, but there’s a market on Flatbush that sells it. However, the one from Haiti is the best. To make black rice, first, the mushroom goes into the water. Then, you have to boil it on the stove. While it is still warm, you put in the blender with some water. Then you have to fry some black beans with oil. You have to let the oil be hot first. Then you add seasonings and salt. When water is boiling, you add the rice. Finally, you eat the food with chicken or whatever you want.When I eat black rice it makes me happy. I love to eat black rice because I remember Haiti. Its makes me remember good times in my country. I feel like I’m at home. I feel like I can go to Haiti right now when I eat black rice.

Year: 2014

– Marie Bernard

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant