Birthday Card

The birthday card
The birthday card

On December 17, 2014, I celebrated my birthday at my house with my family, but little did I know it was the last birthday I would spend with my father. He gave me two outfits which I didn't like at the time, but I wore them later on.  He also gave me a birthday card. Normally, I never received cards from my father because he usually just gifted me with something crazy I asked for. When I read this card I felt so happy to be me - happy to be loved and appreciated by someone so special to me. Usually, when I receive cards or letters, I put them all together so I have them forever because they mean a lot to me. 
Later in 2015, I fell into depression due to the loss of my father, my support system, my best friend. As we got rid of his stuff, I felt so hurt and confused about why everything was happening. I wanted to leave everything just the way he left it, but my mom said It would be easier on us to get rid of most of his things. I kept his hat, his tapes because I knew how much those memories meant to him, and most importantly, I kept the card he gave me. It took so much effort for me to open that envelope again because I thought reading it would make me even more upset, but once I read it I felt happy as if I was reading it for the first time again. I can read that card a million times, and it still will bring me peace as I read each and every word. No gift that he has given me can ever top that birthday card. Those words he wrote just for me will forever sit in my heart. That card means the world to me, and as I get older I will forever try my hardest to keep it safe with me. 

– Karoline Torres

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