When i was younger i was gifted a bike from my dad on my birthday. I wasn't into bikes at the time until one day i was outside and i saw this guy doing a wheelie just riding down the sidewalk. And i fell in love with it. I knew that i could be the next person wheelieing down the block and after that day i was obsessed with bikes. There was this one bike that the guy was wheelieing and i was called the big ripper so i looked into buying it. But as i knew i was too small to even ride that bike so i waited to get it. When i was riding one day i had a very tragic accident i was hit by a bus, i don't remember any of it but when i got up i realized i was in the hospital and from that day on i said i would never ride a bike again. But one day after my recovery i wanted a bike and i was asked a lot of questions like are you sure that you want it my dad finally bought me one and even though i had to learn how to ride again i knew that i could do it. And after that day i've been riding everyday since. After that day i started working to get my dream bike. And i got finally got it, the big ripper.

Year: 1817

– Jason S.

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant