The Letters

Relationship: Im/migrant

In my family there are many objects that can represent and show who our family is. I chose a letter that we have. It has been passed down on my mom’s side. We have more than one, but I am just choosing to mainly talk about one today. Right now my grandfather has the letter, maybe one day I will have the letter.  In the early 1800’s a letter was written to our family by Queen Victoria telling us that she was planning on marrying my 5 or 6 times great grandpa. He was the ruler of Germany. She continued on saying somethings, she wrote to the future, she says that she hopes our family is doing well and that there is peace all around. I haven’t received that letter yet because my grandpa is saving it for a special day.  For a while she talked about coming to America just to visit. It didn’t end up that way but she wanted to. 

Place(s): Germany, England

– Kate Mahaney

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant