Best Pieces

Relationship: Im/migrant

Every one of these pieces of papers and jewelries has its greatest values. I was born in my home country in Indonesia on May 31, 2000 on a Wednesday and on that day my mother had asked her uncle to tear out the paper straight from the calendar. She hoped that one day I would grow to see this piece of paper from 17 years ago. My mom had just recently showed me this priceless paper, and my reaction was phenomenal. I felt so amazed that she had kept this since the day I was born and I loved this idea, I loved that my mother had thought about me and my sister this way, she also has the paper from the day my sister was born, and I never thought that I would have done the same. When my mother was little, her mother would give her and her sister money once in a while. Then she would save up to buy something for herself. At this time, she was 10 and her sister had enough money for her own necklace, but she didn't. With her innocent self, she felt upset and devastated and her mom had given her the money she needed. She kept the receipt since then. As well as every other pieces of jewelry, she felt sentimental towards every piece and valued the jewelry and the receipts itself, whether it was from her aunt, uncle, or mother. She had also kept the receipt of her ring from her own wedding day and the earrings that me and my sister had gotten from when we were born. This will always hold a place in our hearts and we would never let go of the memories, physically or mentally.

– Kelly Widjaja

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant