Beer (beef) Stew

This is the stew my dad makes
This is the stew my dad makes

 Beer (beef) StewThis is a stew that my dad makes every once in a while. It is made with beef, potatoes, carrots, beer, onions, some spices, and a secret ingredient. This is a dish that has not been passed down by many family members. It is a mix of American and German, although it originated from my dad, whose family has been in America for a long time, and he has been making it for a long time also. The stew reminds me of being with my family. Whenever we have family gatherings he always makes it, and it brings me the memories from those times. It is almost like a thanksgiving dish. It does not taste like something you would eat on Thanksgiving, but it reminds me of Thanksgiving. The stew does not really have any part of my religion or culture, but it is a family dish that I will pass down many generations. 
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Place(s): Chappaqua
Year: 1901

– E.R

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