Beat Tape

The cover art of my first beat tape.
The cover art of my first beat tape.

This photo is the album cover of my most recent beat tape. Music has always been an important 
part of my life. Sometimes it could be considered the focal point. The earliest memory I can 
recall is from when I was 3 years old and I was in the children's choir at my local church. While 
growing up I was surrounded by music. Whenever my mom had work I went over to my 
grandparent’s house which was filled to the brim with instruments. A piano in the dining room, a 
drum set in the garage, and a guitar in the living room. I spent many hours a day fiddling with 
the keys of the piano and listening to my grandfather play luscious chords on his guitar. In 6th 
grade, I joined my middle school choir, and that was when I noticed how important music was to 
me. That was also around the time when my teachers began to notice how much I excelled in 
music. In high school, I attempted to learn how to play many different instruments but was never 
able to commit to it but I soon found a passion in music production. For a few years, I learned 
the basics of making music on my computer which soon lead to me releasing my first 
compilation of beats into the world. 
I believe that music can be passed down from generation to generation just like a family 
heirloom. Not only will would your family be able to cherish it, but so would many other people in 
the world.


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