Beaded necklace

black , beaded , long
black , beaded , long

Somalian people use beaded necklaces for multiple things but the one that I have is religiously based. The Beaded necklace was passed down from generation to generation and I just happened to get it next at the age of 15. The beaded necklace is for safety and for me to flourish and to also prosper in life. My family is from Somalia but I was born in Kenya and it connects with me because my great great great grandfather wore the beaded necklace and I feel I can pass it down one day. 
My family story is unique because there is a different meaning of having a beaded necklace and because my version of the beaded necklace had a long history. I believe it's unique in that way. My family story has deep roots and I'm still exploring but I haven't yet have heard a familiar story as my family cultural identity. 

Place(s): kenya , somalia
Year: 2004

– Ali Hassan

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child