The Crucifix

Have you ever wondered why so many catholics wear a crucifix around their neck? The crucifix is one of the earliest and most widely used images of the Christian religion. The cross takes our minds to the Roman crucifixions that were savage ways to kill people during the time of Christ. The cross represents the death and resurrection of Christ. The fact that Christ suffered and died in the worst way imaginable serves a lesson that our sins are not small. For me, the cross makes me thankful, forgiven, blessed, and overall accepted by God. Throughout my ancestors, the use of the cross was passed down to me and serves as a tradition in which we wear the cross as a simple sign of devotion to Christ. My Father and Grandpa always wore a cross. I had received my first crucifix when I was baptized at the age of three months old. I always wanted to keep my cross around my neck, but as the years past I received a new cross which better fit me. My second crucifix was given to me on my Communion day, the day in which I had received the body of Christ. This cross was 14k Gold. The third crucifix I received was on my Confirmation Day. This cross is platinum, which is one of the most valuable, noble metals. The Feast of the Holy Cross, on September 14th is Christ's victory over death, and a reminder of His promise. Catholics celebrate their salvation by wearing a crucifix around their neck. We can all do a little more to share our love for God just simply by wearing cross jewelry.

Year: 1896

– Salvatore Rossi

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