jade bracelet

Relationship: Im/migrant
Jade bracelets
Jade bracelets

A jade necklace or bracelet symbolizes protection. The meaning of jade stone is purity or purification, so wearing it was thought to create a purifying energy field that feels loving. Parents give their children jade bracelets or necklaces to let them know of their protection and love. My family migrated from Fuzhou, China to Pennsylvania. My dad had three siblings, so this was a difficult task for my grandparents. They had to provide for everyone and lead them safely to start a new life in an environment they're not used to. As immigrants, they didn't know how to speak English, which made it harder to communicate or know where to go. The reason they moved to Pennsylvania was not specified. After finishing high school, my father was accepted to Northeastern University, so they had to move again to Massachusetts. Moving closer to the college saved money and it made it easier for my dad to visit back home. My dad is the oldest in his family so they only had enough money to pay for his education. As for his sisters, they did not have the chance to go to college. My grandparents gave them all jade necklaces, but my dad received a jade bracelet to remind him of their protection. My family story is unique because my family went through a drastic change for education and was able to make it work. My family story connects with other family stories because they all go through the difficulty of not being able to communicate and struggling to create better opportunities for their kids.

Place(s): Fuzhou, China, Pennyslvania, and MA

– AL

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant