Batik dress. Muertos mask.

In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My name is Estrella. That means star in Spanish. My birth father came from Mexico and my birth mother (who is ethnically Chinese) came to New York City from Indonesia.  They looked up at the sky one night and decided if they had a girl they would name her Estrella. 
I was born in Queens almost 8 years ago. When I was one month old I came home to Harlem where I live with my adoptive parents and my little sister, Temple.
My birth mother gave us fabric from Indonesia which my mother sewed a dress with. We have an open adoption and I get to see her and learn about our ethnicity and her culture. She works very hard here and sends home money to her family in Indonesia. Even though life is hard for her here she says it would be harder there. She hopes to be an American someday, and I hope so, too.
I don't know my birth father, he went back back to Mexico. But I am very proud to be half Mexican. I love the food and the celebrations. I painted a mask for Dia de los Muertos when I celebrate my ancestry.
There is nobody like me. My birth parents immigrated to New York City from two very different and far away lands to meet and make me. I love living in this melting pot and being a New Yorker.

Place(s): Mexico,Indonesia,Queens,Harlem
Year: 2008

– Estrella

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant