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Current basketball that I use.
Current basketball that I use.

In my life so far, I have played a total of over 400 games of basketball.  There have been many ups and downs, but it has driven a massive part of my lifestyle.  The first time I got my own basketball was for my 6th birthday.  My brothers played and I was determined to play every day and get better.  I became obsessed and watch countless videos of YouTube NBA videos and my brother’s game.  I had my first game ever as a 2nd grader playing up with 3rd and fourth graders, and I struggled at first.  However, I practiced so much in my driveway with my first ball to get better and I did improve while also using my basketball to its limit.  Basketball itself is very important to me as it drives me to always work hard and do the extra step that would get me better than my competition, and I believe I love it so much because I grew up around my brothers and was exposed to my brothers playing and watching YouTube videos about basketball at an early age.  I enjoy the competition in basketball and all the little things that can make me a good player.  This ties into my cultural value of working extra hard always to have advantages in tiny ways.  A basketball doesn’t just represent a sport me; it represents a mindset and a lifestyle, the type of person I am, as well as family history.

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