Championship Trophy

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North American Championship Trophy
North American Championship Trophy

This trophy represents perseverance.  My great-grandfather immigrated to the land of opportunity during the potato famine.  During the potato famine, my great grandfather (P.J Hegarty) lived in County Mayo and was the captain of the national hurling team which won the national championships.  The conditions were extremely severe which caused them to immigrate to America.  One day, he went to the racetrack and placed all of the money that he saved over the years onto the underdog horse, Echo.  When Echo won the race, he won so much money that he was able to take his four brothers to America with him.  My great-grandfather married Nora Munnley.  My grandfather (next generation), Jerrald Eamen Hegarty placed third in the 505 North American Sailing championships (1965) and qualified for the Olympics.  Although he was unable to compete due to family obligations and a job, he was able to compete in three America’s Cups.  The trophy in the photo represents all of the perseverance of the Hegarty family.  My great-grandfather wanted a better life for future generations in the land of opportunity.  He passed on his love of sports and entrepreneurial spirit to everyone who came after him.  I never met my grandfather or great-grandfather, but if they were around, they would be proud of everything that I have accomplished.  Recently, over the summer I got my skipper which means that I can sail on my own.  This photo is a small piece of who I am today.   

Place(s): New York, Ireland
Year: 1923

– H.R

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant