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Relationship: Im/migrant
A beach in the Dominican Republic.
A beach in the Dominican Republic.

I’m a person that is very into their culture; I love learning new things about my country, Dominican Republic. Bachata was introduced to me by my family but I was born with it and it runs through my blood. For me, Bachata is one of the things that describes my identity the most. When somebody asks me about my culture I think about Bachata right away, “why do I think that?” When I’m dancing I become happy, fun, and proud, just like people from my country are. Bachata is very important for me because I feel like it brings me and my family/friends together and It always reminds me of where I come from. Me and My sisters always try to learn new steps to incorporate on what we know of Bachata, the fun thing that you can add whatever you want, it just has to match with the rhythm of the song. When it’s time to dance Bachata I like to use old songs because I feel like they have more rhythm, meaning, and that connects you more with the dance. This traditional dance is very significant for me because I love it and I will always keep it with me everywhere I go.

Place(s): Dominican Republic, New York and Brooklyn
Year: 2016

– K.B

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant