My Two First Trophies

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Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is my two first basketball and soccer trophies. My object looks like a piece of metal carved into a trophy. My object is used to represent my hard work that I have done. And, after that hard work I feel like I should deserve a reward and my two trophies represent that. I got my object at a gym in a tournament in Chicago after we won. And, I got my other object from a soccer field in Illinois also in a tournament after we won. My two coaches  gave me those objects at my banquet and I was MVP for both sports. I identify myself that I like soccer and basketball and I work hard for what I want to go get if I want 3 trophies I got get what I want. Soccer, Basketball mean like the world to me if someone invited me to a really cool party if I  have a soccer game the same time I would go to the soccer or basketball game. That’s how much I like soccer and basketball like I said soccer and basketball really do mean the world to me. I also, like soccer, basketball because i just like being athletic and being active. Athletic meaning like i love to move around, and active meaning eat healthy and staying moving around. 

Year: 2015

– TW.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant