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This house represents my grandma’s hard work. She raised me, my two brothers and my three sister when my mom wasn't with us at the time being. She also have to take care of my two cousin and her own daughter. She did a lot for us even though we couldn't see it when we were little. As time passed she got older and we got bigger. We finally realized the hard work she put in for us even when it's her day to rest. She hides her pain from us except for her daughter that's living with her. She's weak but doesn't show it. She always keeps her head up high and smiles. I'm glad she was in my life she wasn't like a grandma to me she was my mom who raised me to be the man who I am now. Her teaching well be passed down to generations to generations. My brothers and sisters are glad to have her as our grandma/mom in our lives, without her we wouldn't be here. We always ask why she came here but she always changes the subject. So the world will never know.

Year: 1999

– Gary Vega

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