Baby Bracelets

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

   My mom have given me two bracelets on the day I was born which is in the year 2002.The two bracelets are made out of metals and it got some Chinese words design around it. As I got older she told me that the reason she have given me those two bracelets was so I could get some good luck in my life. I think what she said is actually very true because throughout my life I did get very lucky sometimes. But I think those two bracelets brings me more than just luck, it have also brought me lots of happy moments in my life that I would never forget. She have also told me that those two bracelets have been passed down for many years. It was once my great-grandmother, then my grandmother, then my mom, then me. The two bracelets was to be given to the first born child in the family which was me. I have been wearing those two bracelets until I was seven years old and after my seventh birthday my mom puts the two bracelets away and said to me that she will give me those two bracelets again when I have my first born child. I hope in the future these two bracelets will give good luck to my children too.

Year: 2002

– Kelly Chen

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant