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Baby Bracelet
Baby Bracelet

When I was a baby I was gifted a golden bracelet. I had it on my wrist for years up until one day it became too tight and I had to take it off. This bracelet is gifted to every Albanian baby. It marks the day you were born and it is given to you to show you are “special”. Almost everyone in my family has received a bracelet when born.  My mom's mom was given one but my dad's mom was not given one because her family was poor at the time and could not afford one. The bracelet is made out of real shiny gold. It is smooth and in the middle has a  heart looking piece of colored gold some people get their initials engraved in it. It has a chain and it has very small knots.  My bracelet is very worn out from being in the water and all around the world with me. This bracelet is very meaningful to me. I have had it for thirteen years and I want this tradition to keep going for years after me. 

Place(s): Albania, New York

– MN

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