Relationship: Im/migrant
a tool typically used for chopping wood
a tool typically used for chopping wood

Ali is my close neighbor for over 26 years. Ali is an elderly man who came from Yemen with his family for a better life.  He left Yemen with all of the good memories.  Axe is one of the tools that he used for work to help and support his family.  The Axe is made from metal and has a wooden handle.  Ali used this tool to cut and chop in farmland. He used it also to fix stuff around the house.  He said, “I bought this Axe when moved to my new home back then with my kids”.   I don't connect it to happy occasions, but it reminds me of my independence”. He also said, “the Axe is very important because it helps me to survive”.  I am here is the United States, living much better with my whole family but I also remember where I cam from and never forget that and the struggle I went there to collect money to come here. 

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2014

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant