Audrey's Jewish Family History

1900's era Setee from Kaplan family
1900's era Setee from Kaplan family

Sarah Snyder came to America in 1910. She was from Poland. She was 10 when she came to Philadelphia. Her real last name was Schneider which meant “cutter” in Yiddish. She had three brothers. Lou opened a shoe store in Philadelphia. Izzy worked in a mattress store. Sarah’s mom was Rebecca. Sarah’s dad was Abraham & he was a tailor.  Sarah met her husband Joe at wedding. 

Joe Kaplan was from Lithuania. He had one brother Willy. Willy came to America first, and sent home money to his family. Joe came to America with his mother when he was 12 . Joe worked as a plumber’s helper. Joe’s father was driving a horse & wagon with goods in his horse drawn wagon in Lithuania. It ran off the side of the road into the icy water. His dad got pneumonia & died. Joe’s job as an adult was being an egg candler. Joe’s brother Willy had a deli at 10th and Poplar in Philadelphia. Willy helped a family who survived the holocaust. They lived on the 3rd floor of the deli & Willy didn’t charge them rent. 

Mayor: Abraham Mayor & Clara Gomberg had an arranged marriage. They got married in Russia and then moved to Phila. Abraham’s real last name was Meyortski, he shortened the name to Mayor.  Abraham and Clara moved to Phila at the ages of 32. He only wanted to have people speak English with him. Grandmom Clara was a seamstress. Abraham was a clothing cutter. He worked by cutting military uniforms. He was very adept at math & was excellent at using most of the fabric with little waste. 

Place(s): Philadelphia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Alabama
Year: 1910

– AP

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more