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Relationship: Im/migrant
Store Front
Store Front

On the corner of 34th and Madison in New York, held a sign that read “grand opening”. Three previous generations trying to build their life as they dreaded in The Big Apple. Quickly the classic American dream started to become their new reality in life. Having to leave his mother behind in Argentina, my Grandfather decided to start building his life in America. At the age 20 He took the risk and purchased a one way ticket to America.When he got to America he called his girlfriend(Now my Grandmother) and told her everything he saw.Soon after he got married to her over the phone and days later she bought a one way ticket too.  He faced many changes like not being able to speak fluent English, few to none contacts and barely any money.My grandmother started work at a bank to bring in extra money to help my grandfather's business to stay afloat. The rent was high because of the location of the store so having the extra money come in was a great help. After his success in the Big Apple he wanted to find a place to start a family.He decided to move to Long Island where He moved into a big white house and started his family. He had three kids, my Father and two Uncles. The dream never died though, quickly one store turned into two then three and last one four; From facing all odds I can proudly say that my Grandfather's small business turned into much more.  

Place(s): New York
Year: 1965

– MT

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant