Arroz con gandules


My family loves to eat, especially my grandmother’s food. Every time there’s a family event my grandma makes her delicious foods and also my mother, her cooking is the closest to my grandmother’s. Whenever my grandmother isn’t around, my mother cooks for the family events plus my aunts and uncles grill foods and we have a barbeque outside depending on the weather. One of the most made food is a big pot of arroz con gandules (yellow rice with Goya pigeon peas) the first time I remember eating a bowl of this dish is when I was very small like maybe 2 or 3, I prefer this rice instead of plain white rice and beans. This dish tastes good with many side dishes such as barbeque chicken, fried chicken, salad with dressing, etc. It’s a dish that gets passed down generations and generations, especially for Puerto Rican families or any hispanic descents. My grandma and mother are still the ones to mainly make it for special occasions including the whole family or just for dinner, food and love brings my family together just like many other families. 

Place(s): New York/Puerto Rico

– RP

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