Chocolate Chip Bar Recipe

Photo of the original recipe
Photo of the original recipe

This Chocolate Chip bar recipe is a recipe that my great grandmother made and adapted over the years. My great grandmother Helena Lafley’s parents emigrated from Ireland. The recipe reflects on some of the different Irish foods and ways to cook things. This recipe may seem like a small thing but it is very important. Every Sunday after church, we would all go back to my her house and she would have these bars out on her long big table. We would all sit and laugh and tell stories together. We eat these bars at every single family gathering. She would also send them to everyone. When my mom was in college she would receive boxes all of the time from her.  My mother Sarah McBride said, “They were a little taste of home.” Or whenever anyone in the family or friends got a new job or were upset she would send them the bars. Now the reason the recipe is special is because if we didn’t know the recipe then future generations would not have a chance to have these bars because no one but her knew how to make them. But because we have this recipe we can pass down this family recipe and all of the future generations after me can have these bars. This recipe helps me stay connected to my heritage and my great grandmother. So she is always with me. 

Place(s): Ireland

– Caroline

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more