Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Arabic Writings
Arabic Writings

I will learn to read and write in Arabic when I am a little older because when I get bigger I’m going to be hanging out with more of my family members who speak Arabic which is my native language. I might even get to speak Arabic in places where I work to help customers or to communicate with people wherever I go.Arabic is my language by birth.  Both my parents speak Arabic.  Arabic language will help me in America because I plan on working in America and there are lots of people who live here who speak the same language.  So if I know this language, I can help people who speak Arabic.  I remember my mother helping customers in shops in Brooklyn to get what they wanted when they couldn’t communicate in English.  This way my mother has used the language to be helpful and kind to others.  I plan on using my language skills to help others, too and continue with this tradition of assisting people.I also want to help my brother to text my Grandma in Arabic because she only writes in Arabic language.  I am not able to do that because I still have to learn how to read and write.  It is a tradition in families to help younger brothers.  I want to help my brother communicate with my Grandma because I know it is important to keep in touch with family members.  I interviewed my mother and she said that it is a tradition to send children to Arabic schools to learn this language at an early age. Once the pandemic is over I will rejoin Arabic school to learn my language.

Place(s): Yemen


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant