In Attire
Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Ironically, when my mother was in her country she didn't really cook because she was the youngest child. However, when she immigrated to New York she missed the food of her country and learned how to make many traditional dishes. When I went to visit El Salvador as a three-year-old she told my grandmother to pack me a "delantar" which means apron in English. My grandmother did not want to pack her a traditional "delantar" because it is very puffy. It has three pockets, three layers and then some lace on the front for decoration. It is usually used by cooks who sell their food so they have enough room for loose change. 
As I grew up I would see her wear it from time to time which is why it has a couple of stains on it. Unlike her, I am an only child so she makes sure to teach me how to make traditional meals. My mother usually wears it when she is cooking any type of food whether it be American or Salvadorian. She keeps it in a safe place because it is also one of the last things her mother picked out for her before she passed away. 
I decided to include a picture of a woman with the traditional "delantar" because it is exactly what I saw when I went to El Salvador. Women walk out in the street and promote their food and sell quickly. They usually handle the money and food processing by themselves which is also something I admire. 

Place(s): El Salvador, New York
Year: 1992


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant