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Relationship: Im/migrant
Picture of my icon
Picture of my icon

          When I won a Green Card I was very surprised and decided to go to the USA. I felt excited and happy because my aunt, cousins and nephews live in New York. I was hoping it would be a trip to the country where I would get new opportunities, learn new cultures, languages and traditions. However, I also felt sad because I would leave my parents and daughter who love me so much. For that reason, when I left Belarus my mother gave me an icon. She said that this icon is very old and it was in her mother’s house. This is an ancient icon depicting Jesus Christ with an old frame. I saw this icon when I lived as a child with my grandmother and grandfather in the village. My mother gave me this icon and told me that this object will remind me of my childhood and my faith and that God would bless me in a new country.
            Today when I see this icon in my house, it evokes homesickness. But with this object I also feel connected to my faith and family. I will always remember where I came from.

Place(s): Belarus, New York
Year: 2018

– Lana Yatsevich

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant