Grandmother's Necklace

Gold cross
Gold cross

The object that represents my family’s history is a necklace that my grandmother wore ever since she was baptized. She grew up in a family with four siblings, her mother, and father. I remember hearing stories about how her family always went to church unless they were sick. My grandmother wore her necklace until she died. It was very special to her and her beliefs. Her sister talked about how she never took it off unless it was impossible to keep it on. A lot of the stories that were told at her funeral were stories of how well behaved and calm she was during church. She was a very religious woman and every time we went over for dinner we all sat at the table, held hands, lowered our heads, and prayed. This was weird to me because I never really saw her go to church when she was older. I later found out that the only church within an hour of her house was a Lutheran church and she was catholic. She frequently read to us out of her bible and obviously out of other books like Elmo and Sponge-bob. If she were still alive today we would probably continue praying at the table every night. 

– Sky Williams

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