Aluminum Baseball Bat

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

 Ever since I was a young child my brother encouraged me to play sports. Especially (a family favorite) baseball. Eventually my brother Caleb handed me a beautiful aluminum bat and said “this now belongs to you.” It was a breezy crisp day at Prospect Park, a few days after I got my present. Caleb brought me to the park to swing my new gift. I swung and missed over and over again. Until finally, it happened. I was Smashed square in the nose by a hard baseball. I heard a crunch and fell to the ground. I tasted blood. It hurt, but not as much as it tasted. My brother and I ran to the nearest bathroom and dabbed at my nose until it stopped bleeding, which was quite a while. After the bleeding stopped my brother recommended to me that I should go home but I insisted that we kept playing. And I finally did it! I hit the ball! Given it did not go far, I was still immensely proud. Caleb and I went home. If you reach a bump in the road do not give up. Fight through the rough times and the good times will roll through. Eventually with enough blood, (in this case literally) sweat, and tears you will reach your endpoint. My bat is part of my cultural identity. I like baseball and my family.  

Year: 1965

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant