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C.G. Conn Trumpet Elkhart, IN 1924
C.G. Conn Trumpet Elkhart, IN 1924

This is my great Grandmother's trumpet which I know play when she played in high school and college. It was made in 1924 in Elkhart Indiana. This company is no longer manufacturing trumpets. She grew up in southern Illinois and attended Cornell University. She was a plaintiff in the case Mccollum Vs. Board of education Champagne, IL, 1948. In this case brought against the Supreme court she was fighting to uphold the right to religious freedom in Champagn’s public school system were they were teaching  mandatory religious classes. She had three sons one of which attended public schools in the area and was pressured to attend religious classes. During the case she and her family faced threats from the community and was fired from her job. She has succeeded to demonstrate the importance of religious freedom in our country and her trumpet is a testament to her lifetime. 

Place(s): Champaign, IL

– Ian McCollum

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