Fantasy Football trophy

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Fantasy Football trophy legacy
Fantasy Football trophy legacy

My object is a fantasy football trophy that has been through my family for a number of years. It has been through three different generations including my grandfather, my dad, and my younger brother. Essentially, every year whoever on my dads side of the family can join the fantasy football league, men or women. The only requirements are that you have to know enough about football to join and pay a $40 fee. This tradition started with my grandpa’s generation of the family. This means a lot to me considering he passed away when I was 5. I didn’t get to know my grandpa for long but the time I did spend with him was meaningful. Meaningful enough I got a tattoo of a quote he said quite often: “Amen, say it again” with my dad! The catch with this trophy is that if you win the fantasy football tournament you get your name engraved on the trophy. So, my grandpa, my dad, my mom, and even my little brothers’ name is on that trophy. The trophy only represents good memories in my family. I’m thankful each generation so far has at least a few people who want to cherish the tradition and understand the value of what the trophy holds.

– Sarah T.

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