Family Restaurant

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My family migrated from China to New York back in the early 1990s. They settled in Washington Heights, and ran a restaurant. Couple of years later I was born, I was raised in the Heights up until I was 3 years old, and then my parents decided to move to Queens. Since Washington heights was and still is a Dominican neighborhood, they have impacted my family and we have developed their Spanish influences in our Chinese culture. When my parents arrived they knew very little English, and being surrounded by all Dominicans for several years, they began to be learn Spanish. At the time my brother was about 4 years old, being up brought by the spanish language he began calling my dad "papi," which I eventually inherit. Also, because they were the first to come to America from their families they didn't know anyone here, and therefore were obligated to make friends with the Dominicans. They have taught my parents their language, culture, and food. My parents are forever thankful because they took them in their community and taught them their culture and made them family. This resemblence and symbolizes their migration to America because it has made a big impact on my family.

Place(s): Washington Heights, China,
Year: 1991

– Alice Lin

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant