Alexandra's Joke book

Relationship: Im/migrant

           This is a joke book that belonged to my great grandmother who owned her own hair salon which she ran out of her house. The name of her hair salon Alice Ann’s Salon. The joke book was in the salon where clients would write their jokes. This is a joke book that is primarily a composition book and random papers that they wrote on the back of. The jokes were primarily written by women in 1945-1980ish time period and had to do with mostly pop culture references, and WWII. Alexandra Anastasia was her maiden name. In roughly, 1930 she got married to Walter Wesolowski, and changed her name to Alexandra Wesolowski. Walter would walk the women who had appointments at night home to make sure nothing bad happened to them.

Place(s): U.S.A.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant