Ackee and saltfish recipe


My object is  Ackee and saltfish. It’s Jamaica’s national dish. It’s made out of saltfish and ackee. Ackee is a fruit, and saltfish is also called bacalao (and other names), is a fish that has been sitting in salt. Jamaica Uses ackee and saltfish to eat and because it’s their national dish.

I chose this dish because my mom recommended it to me and I wanted to choose an object that represents me. It teaches me about what Jamaicans  ate. 

How did this become the national dish? (answer: It was an inexpensive way of feeding slaves because it’s full of carbs and fibers) Who invented this dish? ( Answer: ackee was originally from west africa, specifically Ghana, but it was brought to Jamaica in the mid 1700’s. Saltfish originated in the choppy seas of Northern Europe and Eastern Canada.)         

Place(s): Jamaica

– KM

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