An old friend

Relationship: Im/migrant
New old hand mixer in New York
New old hand mixer in New York

An Old friend
“I started to create my own business at home with an old white hand mixer. The first sweet treats that I made with it and then sold were cupcakes. After that my clients asked me to bake a cake, then ginger bread cookies and cake pops. I was so excited to make all these desserts because before that I had never thought I was a baker. 
I used my old white friend for a long time, I think for four or even five years. When a new age came to my life I rented a bakery shop and bought a brand new big mixer, so my old one became purely ornamental in my kitchen.
Now I live in the United States, in New York City. And this is a sign from above, I think. I found another one. An old white hand mixer was lying just in front of me on a give-away table. There was no doubt that I needed it. 
So now there is a big question. Do I need to start baking? I mean… again?”

Place(s): Russia, Moscow, New York
Year: 2022

– Sergei Shakhmatov

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant