When I was kid, my grandmother taught me to count on the abacus. She told me that in the absence of the calculator, ancient Chinese were calculated to count. Abacus originating in the “Spring and Autumn” period in the Han Dynasty. In ancient times, businesses used it to count. Now, the electrical era, our young generation a lot of people are not using it because the abacus is bigger, inconvenient to carry. Phones are gradually replaced by the computer. After came to the United States, I could not see people in using an abacus. The memory of her story let me deeply feel the profound of the Chinese culture. It is unsurpassed by later generations. When I came to the United States, I think although now people don’t how to use the abacus, but calculating formula and mental arithmetic are still deeply in my mind. I’m proud of our Chinese invention, it also deeply affected in the ancient Chinese stories.

Year: 2015

– RuYi Lin

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