A Watch

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Relationship: Im/migrant

When I lived in the Dominican Republic with my grandfather, we had many beautiful experiences. One day, he gave me a present before he died. He gave me a watch. This present is very important to me because very day when I see the watch, I think about my grandfather and his values. This gives me hope of being able to live as he lived. When my grandfather gave me that watch, I felt like I was the most important grandson for him. Eleven years ago he said to me, “This present, I want you to take it with you always.” I think that my grandfather said that because he wanted me to remember the values that I learned from him. He wanted me to learn to appreciate things, and to love all people without prejudice. There are many great gifts that I have received in my life, but one reason why I think my watch is a great gift to me is because sometimes in life people do not get to enjoy special moments with their family. I think the best gift is not something material, not expensive. The best gift can be anything you love. For this, reason my watch was the best gift.

Year: 2014

– Juan Castillo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant