A Warm Embrace

In Attire

A Comforting Friend
Pink, green, cozy and comforting. It follows me everywhere, or do I follow it? My blanket is everywhere I go, right by my side.  Just like peanut butter and jelly, inseparable after the first touch. Road trips and naps are our best way to bond. Being the closest clone to my mother’s warm embrace, I’ve never had to worry about a chill crawling up my spine, that is until I grew up. Like a shoe that no longer fits, my body is too lengthy to snuggle underneath my favorite blanket.“Get another one!” you might say. Now I'm forced to go to Walmart and just grab a new one off the shelf. My poor, pink, green, cozy and comforting blanket has no one to cherish it like I once did. It’s tucked away in my drawer longing to embrace another. Maybe, someday, someone (my daughter perhaps) will treat it with as much love and care as I did.

Place(s): Norfolk, Virginia

– AB

Relationship:  unknown unknown