A pen From long ago


              I Immigrated from China alongside my parents back in 2008, at that time I barely finished the first half of the year in my third grade class. Thus when I arrived to the US, I spoke zero English and had a hard time fitting into the class due to language barrier. Slowly as time go on, I was able to learn the language that I needed to fit in, to start a new life in a brand new place. 
            The Pen I posted has been with me for the past ten years, this pen was a gift from a classmate back in third grade, it serves as a link for me, telling me that I am still somewhat connected to my friends oversea. 
          Starting a new life in the US was not easy for my family, as we have to live in a crowded place, we share the two bedroom with one of our relatives, the two bed room apartment had 8 people living in it at one point. Fortunately I was able to get education, unlike some other immigration families' child who came to the US at a older age, which means that they were part of the working force their family needed. As of now I just hope we can all get a better tomorrow and make our lives better. 

Place(s): China,New York
Year: 2008

– HZ

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child