A "Greca" and Cafe Bustelo

Coffee is never missing in my household. It is made three times a day and sometimes even more when there are visitors. Unlike other people who usually make their coffee using an electric coffee machine, my family has used a stove top coffee maker or as we call it in Spanish a "Greca" their entire lives. When my father was a little boy, my grandfather would always make his coffee using a greca which my father tells me would make the entire house smell like strong delicious coffee. Despite my family owning a electric coffee machine, no one in my house uses it. My father only drinks coffee from the greca because he claims it tastes much better. Cafe Bustelo is a coffee brand that is used by most Hispanics. It has a very strong smell and taste and with a sip of coffee, one would know if that is the brand someone used. When my family tries a new coffee brand, we always tend to go back to Cafe Bustelo because it is just that good. Although Coffee machines are much more modern, my family will always stick to our traditional way of making coffee with our Stove Top coffee maker aka our Greca.

Year: 1998

– Isaura

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