A clear file folder

Relationship: Im/migrant
It is a clear file folder for embassy
It is a clear file folder for embassy

My family American story begin with my aunt, my mother’s older sister. In 1998, my aunt had a study aboard chance to American. At that moment, she broke up with a relationship, and hope to sort out her mind in a new place. So she accept this chance, and move to American. She was first arrive at New York, and find a job in Boston after she finished her schools. After that, she met my uncle, they had a lovely family. 14 years later, I also arrive at American to pursuing my undergrad degree. This clear file folder is one of my most important document folder, which includes many of my visa support materials. Because when you went to embassy to get your visa, the only thing you can brought with you is a clear file folder with you documents inside. During these years, the  people who applied for an issue of visa/immigration, will always remember a clear file folder and the line wait in front of the embassy. As time go by, the embassy is also improving themselves to become more formal and convenient. I remember when I first went to American in 2008, you need to call the embassy and let the operator to help you arrange an appointment, but for now, it is easy to sign up your appointment online through the embassy system. However, a clear file folder is always required, which is interesting to see their connections between past and present. 

Place(s): China, New York
Year: 2001

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant